Intuitu Analytics

Our logo captures this essence and uses bright colors to portray the process of discovery and generation of insight to achieve results. Our motto “From Insight to Value” leaves no doubt about this.

Inside Knowledge

Complete comfort with analytics jargon and solution approaches to a variety of data problems from a variety of verticals

Analytics in Banking Industry

How to predict if the customer transaction is going to be fraudulent or not?

Credit Risk Analytics in Financial Industry

How can demographic, transnational views give a clear understanding of customers?

Analytics in Manufacturing Industry

Learn how to use Data Science to improve operational efficiency

Consulting Services.

Our offering covers the whole analytics value chain right from formulating a winning analytics strategy to translating insights into actions. Our approach is influenced by few practitioners such as Bill Schmarzo, Elder, Abbot, etc.. . .

Intuitu Analytics

Delivers results through a strategic team combination (clients + our experts). Clients use their business domain expertise and we deploy our analytics expertise to extract actionable value from the data. Our mandate is that this value – the Intuitu – must significantly improve the lives and experience of their customers, manage their talents, improve processes and model their financials. If clients don’t generate an excellent return on their analytics investment, then the combination is a failure.

Our Analytics Approach

Formulate the Analytics Strategy
Identify Strategic Initiatives
Identify Key Entities
Identify Key Questions
Conduct “By” Analysis
Build a KPIs Score
Test and Validate the Results

Why should you attend this program?

This 5-day power-packed program will provide a practical exposure to key skills that an executive/ manager/ business professional would need to know

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Advancing the Analytics-Driven Organization Training

A Strategic Framework for Leading a Goal-Centered Analytics Practice
14-15 March 2017
Dubai, UAE

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